On Sunday, May 17, we are going to worship in a different kind of way…instead of GOING to church, we are going to BE the church! We’ll gather at 9:30am for a short commissioning service in the sanctuary. From there, we’ll depart into our community to engage with our neighbors and offer acts of love and service - we will be the hands and feet of Jesus right here in Vincennes! Afterward, we’ll come back together for an informal lunch in the fellowship hall where we can share our stories. You won’t want to miss this Sunday. 

Your sign-up is helpful to us as we plan for the day's projects and for lunch.

Also, if you need a "Change the World" t-shirt, you can order them on the registration form.

Change the World Projects

Matthew 17:20 Project: Help a disabled couple "move a mountain" of appliances, furniture, and boxes from one home to another. Leader: Karen Bible

Cooper Home: Help an elderly woman with exterior home work. Leader: John Fish

Old Town Players: Help organize community theater's prop room. Kid-friendly. Leader: Vickie Puffer

Mount Calvary Cemetery: Clean up neglected gravesite and leave flowers. Kid-friendly. Leader: Kendra Claycomb

Sav-a-Lot: Help customers with groceries, bus shopping carts, distribute water bottles. Leader: Phyllis Workman

Colonial Assisted Living: Walk and talk with residents, then share in community worship service. Leader: Ray Tromley

Good Samaritan Hospital Rehab: Deliver cards and gifts, visit with rehab patients. Leader: Ellen Hill

Relay for Life: Help Relay for Life teams and volunteers break down campsites and load up cars as event ends. Kid-friendly. Leader: Lori Graham.

Fox Ridge Manor: Sing for and visit with residents. Leader: Bonnie Chattin.

Girls Softball Diamond: Clean up the diamonds, pick weeds and sticks, trim landscaping. Kid-friendly. Leader: Jacquelyn Cunningham.

Bridgepointe Health Campus: Visit with residents, offer manicures, and share a message with community. Leader: Stephanie Franklin.

Cantwell Marathon: Free window washing and other projects. Leader: Jason Collins.

Parkview Mobile Home Community: Share snacks and games with community residents. Kid-friendly. Leader: Holly Dale.

Good Samaritan Hospital ER: Prepare and provide breakfast/snacks to Emergency Department. Leader: Janice Kellersohn.

Area Nursing Homes: Visit with those who rarely or never have visitors. Leader: Judy Deuel.

Card Writing & Gift Bags: On-site at CUMC. Write and send cards to shut-ins. Prepare gift bags for "First Step Ambassadors". Leader: Joyce Henry.

Contact the church office to add your project to the list!

Change the World FAQ

Who can come up with project ideas?

Anyone in the church can spearhead a project for Change the World Sunday.  If you have a great idea...run with it!  Just be sure and communicate what you're doing to the Missions team coordinating these projects (Ellen Hill, Marge Miller, Norene Swartzentruber) or one of the pastors so they can include it in the plans. For those who aren't organizing a Change the World project, you are invited to jump in and join any one of the projects going on that Sunday.  We'll have a list available that morning so you can decide which group to join.  There will be something for everyone!

What kinds of projects should we do?

  • Anything that offers unconditional love to people in this community - with no expectations of anything in return!
  • Something that can be accomplished in a time period of approximately 2 hours.  If your project needs more time, consider starting it on Saturday and finishing up on Sunday morning.
  • A project that directly engages with people in our community.

What is this not?

  • This is not a marketing event - we are not serving our community with an expectation that they’ll show up on Sunday morning.  We're offering these acts of love and service with no agenda.
  • This is not just serving our church members - we may serve our members as a part of Change the World Sunday, but we hope to serve the broader community so we can engage with all of our neighbors.
  • This is not just something we’re offering to the “needy”. Hopefully, we are reaching out to the marginalized & underserved people in this community, but we’re also offering a witness of God’s amazing love for all people in our community, regardless of their resources.


How are you going to put your beliefs into action?