This past Sunday, we launched our first "Change the World Sunday" - a Sunday focused on what it means to BE the church, instead of just going to church.  We gathered in the Sanctuary for worship and were commissioned as change agents of God's Kingdom.  Then, donned in our matching red t-shirts, we split up into more than 17 groups and went out into the community to offer blessings and a witness to God's amazing love.  Afterward, we shared stories at lunch, and one common thread emerged in our conversations... perhaps it was not so much those we served who were changed, but instead it was US who were changed!

Some groups visited the elderly and shut-ins at a number of homes around the city, while others visited with God's furry creatures at the PetPort animal shelter.  Still others worked up a sweat offering acts of physical labor, doing yard work and cleaning around the home for our neighbors who need a little help and even helping a family with the ongoing repairs and sorting required months after a tornado devastated their home.  We also had groups go out to offer acts of random kindness - washing car windshields, bagging groceries, offering food and drinks.  Some folks even came up with their own "Change the World" projects, going out by themselves or in pairs to offer love where they saw a need!

What did you experience on Change the World Sunday?  Did you catch of glimpse of how God is at work in our community?  Did you see Jesus in those you served?  Were YOU changed?

Share your story in the comments below!  Let's keep the conversation going.

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P.S.  Stay tuned for a full photo gallery of all our "Change the World" projects!