A note from Bonnie Chattin: The We Need Thee Class completed another mystery trip on Sunday afternoon.  This has become a yearly event and a trip that we look forward to and this was no exception.  Clues for the past several weeks had been given but no one had guessed right.   This trip was a  very unusual one  as we traveled north to Sullivan County.  We visited an individual’s  creative work with to scale animals that he has made and has them displayed in his yard and out in the woods.  We saw a large mammoth elephant, huge turtle, huge bear, rhinonausus, saber tooth tiger, sasquatch, and Big Foot.  All these animals had been made from  parts of cedar trees as the supports, chicken wire for the bodies, concrete formation, shredded inner tubes for hair and on and on with his creative ideas.  The second place was the Waapaahski Siipiiwi Mound Historic Park which is an  Indian mound that had been used for worship by the American  Indians.   This place is a public park which  the Indian Council of Sullivan County has developed to honor the heritage of the Indians.  This is where the huge bear and Big Foot were.  Big Foot looks over the Indian mound and protects it according to the Indians.  We were greeted by a  very large totem pole with indricate  chain saw carvings on it.  Prayer ribbons were hanging from trees and just a great place to relax and enjoy nature.


After a very hot afternoon of adventures and learning and being so amazed at what one man could create we enjoyed a very nice meal at Henry Bobe’s Pizza Place in Sullivan.  There were approximately 27 class members that were able to go on the trip.  We welcome you to join our class for learning of God’s word and God’s adventures.  We have just started a video series of Max Lucado’s  book,  Grace More Than We Deserve and Greater Than We Imagined.  Come visit us to see if you might fit into this enthusiastic active bunch.  We have members from 20 years old to 80 years old.  So I think you could find a friend about your age.  Hope to see ya.