We hope that you will enjoy the information about Community United Methodist Church and current ministries along with links to our newly updated website contained in our new CUMC e-NEWS.  Because the mission of Community United Methodist Church is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” we are moving to a digital format that allows us to reach many more people with information about our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ AND to be good stewards of our church resources by eliminating a chunk of the copying and postage expenses associated with a paper newsletter.  In addition, our goal is to get current information out to you more frequently!


“But I don’t have a computer!!!”  We’ve thought of that, too, and there will be paper copies of the CUMC e-NEWS available at the church Welcome Center for those with no computer.  They can be picked up on Sunday mornings or during the week and we will mail copies to both homebound and nursing home shut-ins at home.


How often will the CUMC e-NEWS go out?  Our goal is to update the e-NEWS weekly.  We may not hit that goal the first month, but we will be working on it.  And  the format will look a bit different from what you are used to.  Our focus will be on sharing current activities and news about our ministry.  For those of you, who love the birthday/anniversary listings and Ed Kirk’s great articles, those will still be available in the Welcome Center for you to pick up!  We will be including info on current ministry opportunities, updates on on-going ministries and news that you might find interesting, along with a “From the Mailbag” section to pass along notes of appreciation from folks who have been touched by your ministry.  We will always include links to our interactive church calendar and staff directory so that you can reach us anytime and stay on top of all scheduled meetings and ministry events!


What if I have information from my ministry team, Sunday School class or small group for the CUMC e-NEWS?  You can email that information to our church Administrative Assistant, Susie Vories.


Remember to keep your email address current with the church office so that you won’t miss a single edition of CUMC e-NEWS.  You are encouraged to forward the e-NEWS to friends, family members, new visitors or anyone else that you think would enjoy reading it.


Jesus once said, “Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. “  (Matthew 9:17a)   Jesus was saying was that sometimes we have to do things in a new way… share the good news in a different way.  You don’t have to be around younger generations long to realize that this is a new world of technology and digital communication!  So enjoy the e-NEWS and if you have any questions, let me know.

Blessings, Pastor Cheryl