“The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Remember when everyone went to church?  Or at least they felt a little guilty if they didn’t go to church?  My mother would always say:  “If you’re too sick to go to church, then you’ll be too sick to go outside and play today!”  Or if the whole family wasn’t going that Sunday, she wouldn’t let us go out and play until after lunch time.  Can’t have the neighbors knowing we aren’t in church!  That’s the way it was some fifty years ago.  But the times they are a-changin’! 


Most people don’t go to church today. They don’t feel guilty and they don’t care whether you go to church or not. We don’t have to travel out of town to be missionaries… we can just go next door or right up the street. 


We are as close to a first century church as we have ever been.  No longer can we expect people to simply come to the church.   Jesus said:  “Go and make disciples, of all nations…” This coming Sunday is going to be exciting as we GO and CHANGE THE WORLD!! We are going out into the community—washing windshields, helping with house and yard work, visiting nursing homes and doing manicures, serving pancake breakfasts, walking dogs and cleaning cages… and much, much more!  Why??  Just to meet people and share the love of Jesus.  No strings attached!  Meeting people where they are. Discipleship begins with meeting people and being the hands and feet of Jesus. St. Francis of Assisi once said:  “Preach the gospel… when necessary use words.” In other words, our acts of love and kindness are the best gospel we can offer to others.


So meet at the church this Sunday, October 5th at 9:30am—dress comfortably (jeans are perfect!)—and we will have a short commissioning service at 9:30 and be sent out into the world.  (Don’t forget to come back at 12:30 for lunch and fellowship!)  There will be childcare available and “kid friendly” work sites!   See you Sunday!



Pastor Cheryl