Dear friends,

What an adventure it has been since my arrival in May! I have enjoyed getting to know many of you, and I look forward to continuing our ministry together. It is evident that this church is overflowing with talent, and I am blessed to be in the midst of such enthusiastic and loving people.

As we grow as a congregation, we must continually look for new ways to educate and inspire our young people. Many of us have fond memories of groups we participated in as children, and some of us can even pinpoint back to a specific mentor whose faithfulness inspired us to be followers of Christ. Can we not find a way to be that for our young people? We can all do different things; step out of your comfort zone and find a way to help! Here is what I am going to do:

Beginning on Sept 14, the music program will be embarking on an exciting new initiative: the CUMC Children’s Choir. This program will run from September to May, and will be based around equipping our children to be church music ministers. It is our responsibility and obligation to show the next generation how to use their musical talents in the church. Do you want to see your adult church choir continue to grow and your adult praise band continue to flourish? Friends, it begins with our young people, and this new program will be about developing a solid music education (reading music, vocal technique, etc...) so that each child can be a successful adult church musician one day. Our vision is that the children will be featured in worship often throughout the year. This will be a learning process for all of us involved; we covet your prayers and your support.

For answers to some questions I think you may have, please click here.

Ready to sign up? Please fill out this form online, or see Michael after worship:


Michael Ervin

Director of Music and Worship Arts

Answers to some questions you may have:

Why would we change what we already do so well? Isn’t our Christmas Pageant enough? It is important that our children learn how to be active participants in worship. If we expect our children to continue as music ministers once they are adults, we must teach them now what it means to serve God through music now; this must be much more than one performance a year. Though this initiative will change what we have been doing, our new way will be much more educational for the children involved, and will teach them that what we do is not centered around performance, but is an offering to God.

Will the children still sing on the Dec 23rd service? Yes, though the final product might be a little bit different.

What age groups are invited to join? Ages 4 and up.

When will the Children’s Choir rehearse? Sept 14-May 24, each Wednesday from 6-6:30pm. We will take breaks for appropriate holidays, which will be announced accordingly.

What type of music will the children be performing? A little bit of everything… It is our goal to build an appreciation for both instrumental and vocal music in contemporary and traditional settings. We will do whatever works best, and a little bit of everything. You might see us use handbells, percussion instruments, and very often you’ll see us singing and dancing.

Do you need parents to help? Yes. Yes. Yes. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Michael:

Can I donate money to the Children’s Choir? Yes. Sheet music is very expensive, and it is worth mentioning that our music library is not equipped with much repertoire that is appropriate for children year-round. The majority of what we have is Christmas music. Any gifts to help us get our library updated would be welcomed and appreciated.

Who is invited to be part of the choir? Any child willing to come to rehearsals, whether they attend church here or not. This is a ministry, not a performance troupe.