Greetings, Community!

The third chapter of Galatians speaks of a Christian hospitality and welcome that extends to all people no matter what label might be used to define them.  (I didn’t quote it, ‘cuz you should go look it up!)  It is this kind of open, caring, and engaging hospitality that our family has received as we have come to be a part of Community United Methodist Church here in Vincennes, Indiana.  We have been welcomed with flowers, cookies, sweet corn, visits, bread, sweet corn, BBQ, muffins, sweet corn, melons, ice cream, sweet corn, calls, rides, directions… Oh, and did I mention sweet corn?  (Actually it hasn’t been that much sweet corn, and my whole family loves it, so it’s really just a bonus! Telling the story like this though takes me back to why I started locking my car at church after a surprise car load of Zucchini I received when I served in Washington, Indiana!  Fun times!) 

Seriously, though, I am so pleased to be a part of the Community family, and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome or a better asset in a congregation.  We can work together to grow and nurture almost anything to further our work of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, but if we are lacking the basic Christian hospitality to which Galatians refers, our journey would be so much more challenging!  I look forward to our ministry together and seeing where God will lead us.  Hospitality is a great foundation upon which to build that future!

Here are a few tidbits about our family as we settle in, just some “getting to know you” facts:

Stacy is from Fairland, Indiana (SE of Indianapolis), but has lived in Bloomington, Washington, Bright, Fort Wayne and Hoagland (all in IN), as well as Boston MA, Pawtucket RI, Cumberland RI, and Alexandria VA.  Her favorite food is anything chocolate, especially if its ice cream.  She is looking forward to being back among the hills and nature of Southern Indiana.  (Her father is from French Lick and southern Indiana is “down home” to her.)

John is from Cincinnati, OH, although he has lived in St. Petersburg FL, Salem VA, New Richmond OH, Fort Wayne IN, and Hoagland IN.  He telecommutes from home for Lincoln Financial Group as an Expert Financial Processor.  He has been with LFG for 11 years this October, but before that was a deputy clerk of courts for Hamilton County Ohio.  John believes pasta should be its own food group, and is a devotee of Macaroni and Cheese. John is happy to live in a more urban setting than our last appointment.

Norah is 8 years old and will be in the third grade this fall.  She has learned from Mom the value of chocolate, but truthfully has not met a fruit or vegetable she doesn’t like (raw please), and is particularly fond of watermelon.  Norah enjoys LEGOs and nature and critters, but is also a bright reader and a good artist.

Bayleigh is 4 years old and will attend preschool at CUMC this fall.  She has learned from Dad the joy of Macaroni and Cheese, and she is not sure that anything other than apples and carrots should be allowed as food in the fruits and vegetables category.  Bayleigh loves playing with her babies and her Barbies, but outdoor adventures are good too, as long as she can wear a dress (all the better if it is pink, pretty, or sparkles).

Obviously John and I have moved around a bit, for Norah and Bayleigh this is their first new home in their memory.  So, thank you for the great job you have done in making the girls (and all of us really) feel like a natural part of your community and church family! 

See you in Church, Pastor Stacy